Our Operation & Capability

Our core business is the sales of high quality gypsum, compound, gypsum tools & accessories, Aplus Metal System, Aplus Truss, Aplus Roof, Aplus Steel, Aplus Mortar, Aplus Insulation are our main business and soon we will introduce our new variant products name Aplus Weather Board. 

Those products are important materials for finishing job for partition ceiling, floor, roof, fence/gate and building system.

We serve residential areas, factories, malls, high-rise buildings and various small-scaled construction projects as well as low-rise buildings and the like.

Supported by fleet of more than 200 trucks, delivery vans, forklifts, excavators, dump trucks and trailers with maximum capacity of 30.000 - 40.000 tons per month, we are proud to be one of the best building materials producers and distributors.


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Aplus Peduli Certificated Award