Aplus Furring System

Aplus metal ceiling system is very lightweight, fire resistance, economical, and easy to install. This system consists of Aplus gypsum board installed using screws on Zincalume-coated metal truss and finishing using compound system on gypsum board joints to produce smooth and flat surface which is suitable for room design.

GYPSUM BOARD CEILING FRAME made from Aplus Zinc / Aplus Galv materials. Easy to install and efficient in usage. Specification refer to A 653, C 645 dan C 840.


Important procedures that have to be done in gypsum board installation on ceiling system:

  • Gypsum board has to be installed horizontally in opposite direction on furring channel.
  • Butt joints have to be right in the center of furring channel.
  • Butt joints have to be crisscrossed.
  • Gypsum board should be installed using “S” screw with 25 mm size.
  • Screws for butt joints should be at maximum distance of 200 mm.
  • Screws for the center of gypsum board should be at maximum distance of 300 mm.