Aplikasi Aplus pada Bangunan

Aplus Application on Buildings

1. A Plus Metal Ceiling & Accessories.

2. A Plus Gypsum Board & Compound, Textile Tape, Cornice Adhesive.

3. Cornice List from A Plus Casting Plaster is mixed with Fiber Glass Roving.

4. Metal Stud & U Runner, stronger and faster. International Standard.

5. Wall Paper Adhesive. Stronger adhesion and easier on replacement or renovation.

6. A Plus 20. Plastering for brick wall surface. Can be used on interior or exterior wall.

7. A Plus 22 A Plus Celcon Plaster for celcon or hebel installation with consistent mixture quality and high adhesion.

8. Skim Coat. To coat precast concrete floor surface, ceiling components and other concrete surface, for both interior and exterior.

9. A Plus 10. To install ceramic floor tiles, mosaic and terracotta on floor and wall, on dry area both on building interior and exterior.

10. A Plus 33. To install ceramic tiles, natural stone, granite, granito and to install tiles on concrete wall.

11. A Plus 88. Adhesive for granite and marble installation on wall.

12. A Plus 60. Grout is used as filler substance for gap, tile grout, granite, granito (homogenous tile), natural stone, terracotta, marble, mosaic,

and so on.

13. A Plus 66. Stone protector liquid to protect stones from cracking or moss due to weather effect.

14. A Plus 77. Used to form chemical bond between old and new cement or old and new concrete.

15. A Plus 99. Protective water resistant layer, can be used on exterior and weather resistant.

16. Elfasit. Additive cement for smoother wall plastering, sticky, non cracking and easy for finishing.

17. A Plus Mortar Mixer Machine. Can be used for plaster, screed and roof waterproofing. The benefits include reducing the number of workers,

reducing waste material, faster job and reduce operational cost.

18. A Plus Truss (C Channel & Batten). Lightweight steel roof trestle with Alumzinc material. Anti-corrosion and anti-termite, will not get rotten and

fire resistant. With high quality steel Hi-Ten G550.

19. Aplus Weather Board, for interior, exterior, wetting room, partition, plafond, furniture.

20. Aplus Bondek. Galvanized steel with minimum 5.500 kg/cm2 yield stress, processed using Hot Dip Galvanized method.

21. Aplus Roof. high quality metal roof using zinc alumunium based coating (55% Alumunium). Coloring system using oven , live color and water resistant

also corrosion resistance, lighweight and efficient.

22. Aplus Spandek

23. Aplus Insulation

24. Aplus Steel. Steel Square Pipe (Hollow) can be used as substructure pillars or as support for building construction.