Aplus Joint Compound

General Information
Aplus Joint Compound is specially formulated for quality finishing of drywall joints. A ready-mixed / Non Asbestos vinyl formulated used for embedding Joint Fibre Tape. For filling and for final touch-up coats in interior gypsum panel applications. It is ideal material for covering embeded fasteners, corner beads and for skim coating gypsum panel surfaces where necessary.

For joint finishing, 11.05lb (5 kg) covers approx. 32.5 fr (9.9 mr)
For texturing 11.05lb (5kg) covers approx. 38.92 fs (3.61 m2)

Use i) Fibre Joint Tape, ii) 6” wide blade knife iii) 8” wide blade knife iv) 10” wide blade knife

Store compound at room temperature for 24hr. Stir contents lightly. Do not add water. Use directly from container when use for covering embeded fasteners, corner beads and trim. If necessary, add 1/2 pints (250ml) of water, remix gently and apply. Do not add in any other material. Keep container covered when not in use.

Mixing Method
  • At all times, use clean water, container and tools.
  • Gradualy pour gypsum compound into water.
  • Soak gypsum compound for 1-2 minutes before mix to a smooth and even paste.
  • Do not over mix other wise it will accelerate mixture setting.
  • Do not mix with previously mixed compound handened compound can not be used anymore.
  • Do not mix more compound than can be used for 20-22 minutes.


First Layer (Layer width 200 mm)

  1. Use broad knife 150 mm wide to cover the gypsum joint with compound & textile tape.
  2. When the joint is strong, add a 200 mm wide this layer of compound on both tape side.
  3. Allow sometime for drying.

Second Layer (Layer width 350 mm)

  1. After first layer is finished, clean off residue to make even surface.
  2. Use trowel and add compound in both joint sides.
  3. Clean off compound residue and make find joint as smooth as possible.
  4. Allow sometime for compound to dry.

Third Layer (Layer width 450 mm)

  1. After second layer if finished, clean off compound residue.
  2. Apply another layer of compound and follow the above steps as on second layer.
  3. Use trowel to finish the final coat.