Aplus Spandek Mini

APLUS SPANDECK is the newest product from APLUS. Made from high quality materials and processed with sophisticated machineries, APLUS SPANDECK is one of APLUS’ top products. 

APLUS SPANDECK is ideal to be used on residential projects, office buildings, factories, and so on. As roof covering material, APLUS SPANDECK is very practical and economical

as well as lightweight. APLUS SPANDECK can also be used as wall, can be installed vertically or horizontally. It gives neat and minimalistic look.



Material :  ASTM A 633 – 1996
  : G550 Hi – Ten
Width                        : 780 mm
Thickness                  : 0.20 mm
Wavehight                 : 14 mm
Length                      : 1700 mm