Aplus Gypsum Standard / Water Resistance / Fire Resistance

Aplus Gypsum Panel Types
  1. Standard Aplus Gypsum, made from high quality gypsum rock with special paper that makes it impact resistant. Aplus gypsum spesification refer to SNI 03-6384 dan ASTM C-1396.
  2. Water Resistance Gypsum, made with special formulation and paper for high moisture areas. Spesification refer to ASTM C-1396.
  3. Fire Resistance Gypsum, made for special performance containing fiberglass as additional material for fire resistance. Spesification refer to ASTM C1396, ASTM E119 and SNI 03-1741-1989.

Aplus Panel Gypsum Board Features

  • Can be used for ceiling and partition materials.
  • Resistant to moisture, heat, weather change, fire, and soundproof.
  • Lightweight, enables good installation (can be nailed, sawed and cut), smooth surface, can be curved, easy to install and compatible with almost all types of finishing materials.